Clinical Research & Wellness Solutions and Services


Welcome to AI-Genics

AI-Genics is a fast-growing company based in Germany that provides clinical data analytics and wellness digital solution development and services. AI-Genics GmbH is a deep-tech startup based in Europe, with its headquarters located in Kemnath, Germany. We prioritise leveraging big biological data, deep learning, statistical modeling, and AI technologies to create and advance innovative healthcare and wellness digital solutions.

We provide a range of specialized clinical data services, including data management, CDISC-compliant data standardization, biostatistics, statistical programming, and regulatory services, through our dedicated AI-Klinik unit. These services are available for all stages of clinical development and cater to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors.

Our second independent unit, Ai-YourVedic, is dedicated to digitalizing ancient wisdom for modern wellness. Through this unit, we have been innovating new technologies that cater to personalized diet and nutrition, skincare, and consumer care products, all with the goal of achieving overall wellness and mental wellbeing.


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